The link between TESOL and Public Speaking

The following information is included to help Oxbow Course Attendees understand that their public speaking experience is part of TESOL training.

USC Berkeley Extension, USAThis course is intended for intermediate to advanced English learners. (ESL) Improve your public speaking skills and overall clarity; build techniques for making presentations more engaging; identify pitfalls that you, as a nonnative speaker, face when presenting; and learn strategies for preparing and practicing for presentations. Become familiar with aspects of effective presentations and create a practice Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. In the final session, you make a brief videotaped presentation and receive feedback from your peers and instructor to help you develop confidence when communicating in a global business setting.

Many University ESL (English as a Second Language) courses include instruction on public speaking and classroom presentation skills. So, if you have experience as a public speaker or presenter (especially to non-native English speakers) then you have already a long record of TESOL training and experience. We simply recommend getting that experience certified through Oxbow.