An Oxbow TESOL certificate..

what does it give me?

An Oxbow  TESOL Certificate is not a diploma or a teaching degree.
To teach English to non-native speakers in Australia, America, Canada
and Europe you will likely need
a Teaching Degree (Bachelor of Education*)
from an accredited university or college,
several years teaching experience, plus a TESOL Certificate.

Our TESOL Certificate is designed for those who want to move to
developing countries where there is a greater need for teachers than
in developed countries and who want to teach English
to support themselves living abroad.

In much of the rest of the world an English speaker with no
Teaching Degree but a TESOL Certificate
can teach in colleges and universities.

Many countries recognize TESOL Certification as adequate recognition
of an English speaker’s ability to teach English.

*A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate
academic degree which qualifies the graduate as a teacher in schools.

In North America the degree is awarded for coursework completed
within a program lasting one to four years, depending on the requirements
established by the province or state in which the university is located.

In Canada, a BEd degree is required for a teaching certificate.

In the United Kingdom, where both the university system
and school system are very different, the degree is awarded
after a three or four year course (the course length depends on the university)
which is specifically tailored to either primary education
or for a limited range of secondary education subjects.
It leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
in England and Wales and is a teaching qualification
in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In Australia, a 4-Year Bachelor of Education degree combines
practical/pedagogical study with a Major sequence
in the academic discipline of Education.