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“Oxbow’s Guidebook for Foreign Language takes a truly unique approach to learning a new language. Excellent use of illustrations and diagrams as memory aides, which makes it easy for everyone to understand and remember. If you REALLY want to learn a foreign language this is a must read.”
~ Terry Miller, ESL Educator, Taipei, Taiwan

"If you REALLY want to learn a foreign language
this is a must read.”

“I can say that the methods really work. I was living in New York in September 2001 where I took a course for Russian. I struggled for a year or so. However, in using A Guidebook for Every Foreign Language when studying Chinese, I have made much more rapid and consistent progress in the first 10 months than I did when studying Russian using traditional methods. “What has specifically helped us is Word Matrix, MindBranding, Simplificating & Sentence Pattern Theory. I recommend Guidebook to anyone learning a foreign language.”
~ Micah Restid, TESOL/ESL Instructor

"The methods really work."

“Finally a practical scientific approach to language acquisition. A Guidebook for Every Foreign Language is a must read. However if you are tied to traditional ill-founded and ineffectual academic notions about how to teach or learn another language you won't like the book. You won’t find any tedious opinion based methods. It shows you how to implement scientifically proven techniques that are far more effective than traditional ones. Research on how the brain learns has resulted in new methods of teaching and learning that are revolutionary. What the book reveals is so simple it will surprise you. Be prepared to discard academic boredom and discover something that works rapidly and measurably.”
~ Doug Carson, Certified Cambridge TEFL Instructor, Toronto, Canada

"You won’t find any tedious opinion based methods."

"This book is unlike any language book I’ve read before. It is clear and easy to put into practice. I've tried one of the techniques, that is of putting a word from your short term memory into your long term memory, and it really works!  What I especially like about this book are the diagrams, they capture your attention. If you are anything like me, I loose concentration when reading but because there are a lot of diagrams and pictures it breaks it up and keeps you engaged. Well worth a read!!"
~ Candice Wardleworth, Language Student, Manchester England

"It is clear and easy to put into practice."

“Reading Guidebook for Every Foreign Language and applying  the suggestions it gives has helped me tremendously! I really feel that this book gives practical and useful suggestions that have helped me to improve in studying, learning, and remembering Chinese – a very difficult language to tackle indeed!

I will briefly mention a few examples that have specifically helped me. The third chapter talks about "Linking", which has helped me to learn how to effectively take new words I learn and "link" them to words and sentences I already know so that it will stick in my memory. "Simplificating" new words, grammar, and core sentence patterns in my textbook definitely helps me to make a quicker connection with understanding and retaining.

Guidebook makes learning a language
less intimidating and overwhelming.

Guidebook really takes the confusion out of how to go about learning a language, and makes it less intimidating and overwhelming. It helps you to know where to begin, where to continue, what to learn, what not to learn, what to focus on and what not to focus on. I especially appreciate learning how to use a flip-book to recall and memorize words, it really is a good method!

“Overall, all the suggestions, explanations, illustrations, and step-by-step directions contained in this book have really proved helpful to me! Thanks to Guidebook my experience in learning Chinese has proven to be much easier than my efforts to learn Spanish – a much simpler language to learn by comparison.”
~ Savannah S, Florida, USA

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