"The course was ten times better than my online course which I paid 200 Euros for."
~ Esthe T, Osnabrick, Germany

"Finally, a course that makes me want to go out and teach! It will make teaching m

ore enjoyable for students and teacher alike."
~ Lychia N, Germany

"I usually don't enjoy training courses, but I had a great time with this one!"
~ Blair F, Edinburgh, Scotland

"This was so full of good stuff. My teaching methods need a lot of polishing. This course has boosted my self confidence."
~ Emille P, France (She attended twice!)

"I learned so much. I was surprised how much I learned. It was so much better than my University Course."
~ Marjorie B, Toulon, France

"The instructor was captivating and engaging. The course far surpassed my expectations. The methods are awesome." 
~ Elina H, Bophah, Sweden

"The best course I have ever attended. Thank you for your patience and humor." 
~ Chiara B, Reggio, Italy

"Simpflicate was my favorite method." 
~ Kate G, Hungary