21 of 22 students rated the Sydney course 5 stars (out of 5)

"Incredible course. Amazing learning methods. Powerful tools to teach simple and difficult concepts. Highly recommended!" ~ Jonathan B

"A refreshing approach to teaching & learning that has inspired me to change my teaching methods." ~ Sarah A, University Teacher

"As a professional trainer and assessor the Oxbow Course has caused me to re-energize my regular training. It has also pushed me toward language training as an alternative or supplement to workplace training. This course rates higher than any other professional development course I have taken." ~ Richard O, Professional Trainer and Assessor  "I am flying to Nepal tomorrow and though I previously felt nauseated even thinking of teaching English I am now super excited to get into it!" ~ Joanna S "As an English teacher for 8 years, I have never enjoyed that much any course I did before Oxbow. The teaching methods are great and make teaching fun. You will be amazed of how much you can learn in such a short time. Really worth it!!" ~ Moises S, Sydney - English teacher in Spain and Australia
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19 of the 22 students surveyed said that before taking our course they felt that they could NOT teach English in a foreign country. After attending our course they stated that NOW THEY COULD.   On the language learning aspects of the Sydney course "Thank so much. The course was fantastic. I didn't feel inspired to learn a language before and now I do!" ~ Lauren S "I learned fantastic NEW methods to use in both teaching and learning a new language. Thanks so much!" ~ Ruth G "The most awesome and entertaining course I have ever done that has inspired me and given me the confidence that I can learn more than one or ever two languages." ~ Jesse M "The principles, reality checks and tools I've learnt through Oxbow made me realize learning a language is not for the 1% of society." ~ Joanna S "The course was exactly what we needed to give direction and fuel to our [language] learning. Can't wait to get stuck in!" ~ Carol O

Other Aussies' Comments  "We are Australians living in Chiang Mai Thailand.  My husband and I both loved doing the Oxbow TESOL Certificate course.  We feel that it is the best course of its kind, and we are very appreciative of Oxbow for running such a professional and effective course.  Thanks to this course we both had employment options in a school as soon as we arrived in the country. It was the foot in the door that we needed and the training and skill development that is with us for life. Despite most schools requiring a university degree, the Oxbow TESOL Certificate was readily accepted instead." ~ Marcus and Melonie P, Albury, VIC

"The instructor was captivating and the methods are fantastic. I got some great ideas I will use for learning Chinese." ~ Jason F - Sydney, NSW

"I will recommend this course to my friends. It was fabulous. Just what I needed. It has given me the confidence to begin teaching. I will use everything I learned in this course regularly." ~ Kerry D - Perth, WA 

"My favorite method was Point & Snap. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to the next one." ~ Micah B - Australia

"I liked that it was fast-paced. A little explanation and then onto the activity. A little explanation and then on to another activity." ~ Debbie B - Australia

  Brisbane 2011  "I loved the course from start to finish..." ~ Alison T, Brisbane QLD "I now realize that both teaching and learning can be fun." ~ Esther V, Brisbane QLD "A very entertaining course full of new practical teaching methods that will be easy to impliment." ~ Tony V, Brisbane QLD

Wodonga 2011 "I always thought learning a language would be too daunting. The Course has taken the fear away from me." ~ Danny S, Albury VIC

"I loved this course. I can't wait to start using these techniques to teach myself Nepali. And my teaching is going to improve out of sight." ~ Pip B, Wodonga, VIC - She now lives in Thailand and is active in the Nepali Volunteer Work Wollongong 2011 "Oxbow has taken the fear out of teaching and replaced it with fun and freedom." ~ Wollongong NSW "Private tutoring here I come!" ~ Laura R, Wollongong NSW "I enjoyed the coffee. But make sure you have biscuits next time." ~ Typical Aussie Auker, Wollongong NSW

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